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Building Digital and Social Media presence of Sattva Group for all its 22-23 properties across Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Goa and more. Driving a massive 50,000 + Leads across all properties annually, with a yearly increase in booking by 200%+. Our campaign impressions reach up to 2.5Bn+ and 12-25 Mn+ and 45% Engagement.


  • Large portfolio of projects with affordable to luxury segment
  • Communication & consumer journey creation
  • Cross selling as per the ticket size
  • Visibility in local set of penetrated market
  • Project launches & Amplification


  • Upgraded customer journey for affordable to luxury housing.
  • Build 300+ LPs for various audience cohorts
  • Inventory bifurcation via social channels to increase reach
  • Focused more on luxury projects to increase AOV
  • Maximized MOM quality of traffic for building BOFU
  • Affiliate partnerships for chasing consumer on various mediums


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