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OKAYA, the pioneer in the battery manufacturing industry, provides a wide range of batteries to meet the different energy requirements of the consumer. The Brand needed organic traffic and BornHi stepped in. We helped drive organic traffic and increase it from 10K-31K in a span of a year.


  • Website was technically down
  • Core web vitals issue hampering user experience
  • Backlinking Strategy & fixing Schema tags
  • Content Optimization & Duplicate Content
  • Organic Traffic & Keyword Cannibalization


  • Website become content rich & hierarchy strong.
  • Technical Changes in terms of Core Web Vitals were suggested, so that user experience can be improved.
  • Backlink Strategy had been followed by building backlinks on high authority websites & Schema tags improve the overall website’s performance.
  • Blogs were added to build the website’s authority strong
  • Organic Traffic was increased by 3x and Keyword Cannibalization also fixed.


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