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Jiraaf is an alternative investment platform that provides a great mix of asset classes, risk profiles, yields, and tenors. BornHi achieved a 70% customer retention rate with digital campaigns across platforms like Google & Meta. We increased their revenue by 1000% in a span of 1 year. 70-75% leads attribution were driven through social & digital campaigns built by BornHi.


  • Brand inception & category positioning
  • Profiling & connecting to relevant set of audience
  • Building self-serve platform visibility & ROI drive audience strategy
  • Building up the sales funnel on website
  • Customer engagement & Retention


  • Establish the brand in the category with digital assets
  • Marketing approach via AIDA Model
  • Funnel Level Approach helping creation of MOFU
  • Leverage on client base for expansion
  • 4+ exposure with remarketing for increasing brand retention
  • Nurtured leads with plus size of second investment


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